Modified Souls

"I never wanted to be different. I just wanted to be me."

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Modified Souls is a community that was started for the lovely modified people on the Bolt Piercing Forum, but is open to anyone who enjoys body modifications.
This is not a rating community, but merely a place where we can discuss anything and everything that's going on in our lives or in the world in addition to piercings, tattoos, scarification, suspension, branding, stretching, waist training and any other type of body modifications or rituals you can think of!

Look through the Memories to find our personal body modification experiences,become informed by looking at our resources and photos, find a body piercing salon, or share your feelings and offer us advice on the problems in our lives by reading the Entries. We welcome anyone and everyone, those who adore body modifcation to those who despise it, but wish to discuss it!

However, there are rules in this community to maintain it's stability and the happiness of its members.
Do not hassle or assault any of the members. If you have a problem with another member, take it up with a moderator in an appropriate manner. We encourage adult discussion of our reasons for mody modifaction, however we do not allow abuse or intolerance.

If you violate these rules, and act like assholes and jerks you will be permanently banned without any exception.