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Welp tell me that Im right even if Im wrong. Ok my bf, god I love him to death, but his pants have this HUGE rip in the ass where he shows the whole world his ass...and I do mean like one whole half of his ass. Anyway, he finally got a job and what does he want to do? Get his ears fucking scalpelled<--sp?!?!! This angers me because he needs new pants more then loverly big, bloody, crusty ears. >.< I dunno wether Im being a controlling bitch or what. arg! His spending habits differ a whole lot more then mine. I hate to spend money first of all but when I have money I spend it on things that I need. (i.e. shoes, coats, car payment, insurance etc.) then I go off and spend it on stuff I want like (corset piercings, underwear, varioius t-shirts I dont need.) He just gets stuff that he wants...

Anyway, Im going to my piercer (who is offically a daddy now!!) to get some curved barbells. I have a feeling that Im going to have to take my right nipple CBR out, let it heal, and then get it re-pierced. >.
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