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Welp tell me that Im right even if Im wrong. Ok my bf, god I love him to death, but his pants have this HUGE rip in the ass where he shows the whole world his ass...and I do mean like one whole half of his ass. Anyway, he finally got a job and what does he want to do? Get his ears fucking scalpelled<--sp?!?!! This angers me because he needs new pants more then loverly big, bloody, crusty ears. >.< I dunno wether Im being a controlling bitch or what. arg! His spending habits differ a whole lot more then mine. I hate to spend money first of all but when I have money I spend it on things that I need. (i.e. shoes, coats, car payment, insurance etc.) then I go off and spend it on stuff I want like (corset piercings, underwear, varioius t-shirts I dont need.) He just gets stuff that he wants...

Anyway, Im going to my piercer (who is offically a daddy now!!) to get some curved barbells. I have a feeling that Im going to have to take my right nipple CBR out, let it heal, and then get it re-pierced. >.
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You're right hon, and I'm not just saying that to make you happy, since I don't believe in doing that. ^.^ That used to be a MAJOR problem with me and my ex Tim (you're the second person in this community who has said something recently that reminded me of him, damn you both!). He would need new clothes, to pay his car note, etc., and never would. He would buy cartons of cigarettes, drugs, and booze. Now granted, at the height of our whole Sid and Nancy type relationship, I quit caring what he did, so long as he brought home cigarettes and drugs. But, before I acted like a fuck up, he would make me so mad. In fact, when his grandfather passed away, he inherited $4000. I didn't know he had it already, and one afternoon he called me up and wanted to go out to eat. He took me and two of our friends to eat at Copeland's, and then he proceded to spend the rest of the $4000. In one day. He bought his band some new equipment (they later broke up and they took the stuff), $200 worth of pot, and $300 worth of meth for me.

...Wow, rather than making you feel better about Chris, I just made myself look way bad.
Alterna- you had a problem, past tense. It's fixed now and we love you.

Wacked- I used to have an ex like that. I was 17 and he was 20 and I was working and doing highschool. He never had any money so I used to pay for everything, when he did have money he bought drugs and booze (everytime he called me he was stoned). He had ONE Pair of pants and three shirts, was behind on his rent, owed centerlink $500 and his friends $1000

Eventually, we just called it quits. I'm not saying thats what you should do, but obviously it's making you unhappy in the relationship and feel angry soyou gotta think about yourself and what would make you happy.
josh does that. instead of spending his money on important stuff, like his internet bill and awesome girlfriend, and, oh, a BED, he spends it on.. well i don't know, but he's been sleeping on the floor for like 4 months now.

what is wrong with your nipple? was it done with a cbr?

i found that i can take these 10g cbrs i have and fit them onto my barbells. it's cool looking.