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Welcome and Stuff

Yeah. Start posting, bitches.
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*ahem* I saaaaaid post. ^.^
*posts* hehe Im such a smartass!
Yay you made it!
I know! now, can I make my own topic if I want to make one? I have no idea how to work these community thingys. :-D
You surely can! Just update your journal like you would to make a normal entry, and where it says something like "journal to post to", choose this community.
That's so cool! I'm so amazed by the little things. :)
you know what sucks? I'm getting a cold, and I just had a coughing fit. It really hurt my throat. :(
Ewwie, that sucks. I feel like I'm getting the flu. I've had weird body aches all day. Meh. Oh, and my ear hurts from stretching. Meh again.

My nose is running now. BOO!
I'm just getting over my cold :)